Glamour Owl Launch Party

Glamour Owl is my way of bringing together my passion for, as Socrates coined it, ‘the examined life’ and a hard-wired pleasure in seeing women dressed beautifully and comfortably so that they shine. It doesn’t take too much examination to know that being part of a community, engaging in meaningful relationships, and celebrating this journey through life with friends is a crucial part of having a happy life.

Doing it in style and comfort is the cherry on top, and we all deserve the cherry too! This is what we took a night to notice at the GO launch party.

But you don’t need to organize a party to do the same thing. Take just a moment today to call a friend, write a note, or forgive someone you love if you are hurting. That single choice will likely add a sparkle to your whole day.

-GO with love


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3 Responses to Glamour Owl Launch Party

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  2. glamourowl says:

    Vanessa – it was fantastic and I’m so glad Beadlush was a part of it! Totes will be posted in the shop by Monday. Huge love to your mom, the antiques lady;)

  3. Vanessa says:

    Looks like the party was a blast! Congrats on the launch (glad our dress forms could be of service:) Also many thanks for the swag bag. I love the tote! You need to get them into your shop. I need another for my Mom (the Antiques lady that owls came from). She got a real kick out of you using that design!

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