The Fashionable Ryan Lochte

I can’t swim. I can sort of swim. But the truth is I really can’t swim swim. So I’m jealous and fascinated by people who move like exotic aquatic creatures with grace and power in a pool. Michael Phelps – a name I knew of course as the most winningest Olympian after the Beijing Olympics 4 years ago. Ryan Lochte – never heard of him. Until this weekend of course.

At the Olympics in London, Lochte just won his first gold medal of the games in the 400-meter individual medley with a time of 4:05.18, astoundingly beating Michael Phelps. Commenting on his first medal of the 2012 Olympics and the head-to-head competition with fellow American and world record holder, Michael Phelps, Lochte acknowledged Phelps’ greatness while positioning himself as the best today.

Having lost a family member to Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Ryan is also swimming at the 2012 Olympic Games to raise awareness and funds for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, a charity devoted to research and care for children with the neuromuscular illness. But here’s a couple other reasons I like Ryan Lochte. He gives beauty advice and wants to start a fashion line!

He says, “My skin always gets so dry from the chlorine. The best moisturizer I’ve found is Kiehl’s Creme de Corps body lotion. I go through a ton.”

Future career plans: “Fashion! I want to design my own clothing line, starting with business apparel for men. I want to add a little rock-star look to it.”

Can’t wait to see what’s next during and after the games for this rock-star swimmer! You go, Ryan Lochte!

GO with love

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