10 Things You Can Get Away With in Summer

1. Trashy novels are totally justifiable as “beach reads.” (for hypothetical example, 50 Shades of Grey).

2. Reducing your beauty routine to a ponytail, a pedicure, and a wax.

3. A really big, crazy-lady straw hat.

4. “Honey, you’re such a good griller. You cook tonight!”

5. Going just a little blonder than you should (guilty as charged).

6. Regularly snacking on fruit… that has been soaked in alcohol.

7. Watching more bad movies than would normally be socially acceptable.

8. Taking your workout routine outside. (sex counts I think).

9. Lounging away a mid-week workday at the beach.

10. Frizz, sweat, bug bites, peeling. Whatever, you still look hotter than you did in January.

GO with love

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