Sometimes People Just Don’t Get You.

Sometimes people just don’t get you.Sometimes the people closest to you just don’t get you, at least not the you that you are right now.

One of my dearest friends who knows well the story of Glamour Owl Apparel and how/when/why I launched Glamour Owl Apparel called a couple days ago. She asked how it was going, mentioned that Target has owl sweaters in right now, and suggested I try to make shirts for a local pro baseball team since we have a mutual friend that works for them.

When I responded that I didn’t think my brand should focus on producing shirts for other brands, she asked if I was sticking with the whole owl thing.

Yes, I’m sticking with the owl thing. I’m sticking with my passionate dream of merging fashion and beauty with my love of philosophy and spirituality. I’m sticking with being risky, creative and engaging the culture I live in with the skills that I have at my disposal. I’m sticking with doing something I feel like I was born to do.

That’s okay. I love her dearly anyway and deeply appreciate all the times she has surprised me with encouragement and support beyond measure.

The people closest to Jesus and Socrates weren’t really sure that they should stick with their whole schtick either. Not that I’m Jesus or Socrates. I’m just looking for a reason to say I’m in good company.

But I doubt I have to look that far. You probably have a funny story about someone who just doesn’t get you in this moment of time either. Don’t worry about it. Use it to as fodder to make all the people who do get you laugh their asses off.

GO with love and laughter

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