Mad Owl Disease

The fashion world is simply mad for owls this season. I had no idea that I was jumping on a collective bandwagon. I certainly wasn’t trying to. My company, Glamour Owl, stands for the marriage of style and wisdom – “glamour” for the style, “owl” for the wisdom. I am thrilled that the concept is timeless while the trend is timely. But I do find it curious that there is such a pro-owl movement in fashion right now.

Each season designers start with just a couple of big ideas. Sometimes it is a color story, a texture story, a print story, a time period story. But like life there are a limited number of story plots so they are reinvented again with new eyes and new characters and new resolutions. This season the color stories include saturated jewel tones (burgundy is huge), digital prints collaged together (imagine your favorite wallpaper patterns but you’re wearing them on your legs), chunky metallics (the Dolce & Gabbana brocades are amaze-balls), and owls.

My personal take is that there is always a certain zeitgeist in the air and fashion reads it first. The owl symbolizes wisdom, vigilance, knowledge and sureness of direction while still being mystical, whimsical and fun. It can be cute, it can be serious, it can be scary. Our zeitgeist – we are sick of economic turmoil, political ambition, and religious factions going at each other. The owl embodies those concepts that resonate deeply within us – truth and beauty. It has freedom in flight, superiority in vision, and excellent communication skills. It seems perfectly secure alone, or in a group called a parliament. It is mythical and earthly all at the same time. In these ways, the owl is what we want to be, what we want our leaders to be, what we can be if we are intentional.

You can join in the owl fun at any price point. I hope you’ll pick a Glamour Owl piece. It is absolutely the best! Here are some examples of the owls out there.

GO with love

Target $22.99

Glamour Owl Apparel $42

Burberry $295


Anna Sui hat $291Gucci scarf $650


Burberry sweater $1295

Nothing against Burberry, Burberry is awesome but I still like the Glamour Owl (his name is Fred by the way) better!





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