Top Nine from 2012 September Issues

My last blog post was a back-to-school cocktail suggestion and can I just say that back-to-school has been kicking my butt? See, it isn’t just the juggle of having kids in school and the elementary activities associated with such an age, but I too am in school.  Full-time. 5 classes. Business, philosophy and photography have been followed up by many an evening gin and tonic these last few weeks. Anyone want to talk foreign direct investment? No? Okay – let’s talk fashion!!

September has brought us New York Fashion Week and the September issues of fat fashion mags. These magazines are the size of fashion Bibles in some cases (um, Vogue I’m talking about you). Ever wonder why? Magazines sell the most issues in September because it’s what’s hot for fall. All the designers lookbooks come out during this time. And it is New York fashion week that kicks off fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris. So, after reading about how tricky ethics can be when doing business with corrupt governments, and how to run a company that does well by doing good (Glamour Owl believes this is the ONLY way to run a company), I flip through my fashion bibles to see just what it is the designers would have us covet this fall. Here are my top nine and you will probably see me get more specific about each of these in the near future (cause they are AWESOME)!

GO with love!

The Smoking Slipper – these come in all variations but this is the general shape of the shoe known as the “smoking slipper.” Does this mean I have to abandon my ballet flats? Don’t think I’m ready…

Burgundy (Oxblood for the adventurous) – lips, nails, shoes, bags, clothes, whatever – this glam color is a MUST HAVE for fall 2012. It goes by a variety of names but there is something so goth about the name “oxblood.” What it truly means is that there is a bit more brown in the color than in burgundy. It is rich and flattering on every skin tone.

Digital Prints – If you follow fashion don’t assume that street style should be the same as runway style. Prada went to town with gorgeously quirky mismatched print pantsuits. It made for a fun show but if you aren’t six feet tall and on a runway, do digital prints with an eye for proportion. This DVF dress is gorge!

Menswear – I think women’s fashion has evolved to the point where a blazer should no longer count as “menswear,” but truth be told a blazer over a tee, an oxford loafer, or an untied bow tie draped around the neck all add the perfect pitch of style inspiration for a bit of serious fun.

Metallics – Dolce and Gabbana did it and so did Oscar de la Renta – jaw dropping metallic brocades! For the rest of us, there are plenty of sophisticated embellished pieces at not ridiculous price points. Metallic jeans are everywhere and a metallic Glamour Owl sweatshirt is on the way too!

Leather  – seriously it can be leather, pleather, or fleather but it is not just for that jacket anymore. Shirts, skirts, leggings, and dresses are all combining a ladylike silhouette with this no-nonsense fabric.

Trousers Cropped to the Ankle – show those skinny ankles and that statement shoe or bootie with jeans or trousers cut just right.

Chainmail – Women are full on power in the seductive armor of a chain mail print this year.

Brooches – Pin your scarf, your chunky sweater, or the lapel of your blazer this season with a cute or quirky, sweet or sassy statement brooch. I love the occasional find of a special vintage piece. This one is from Tiffany & Co. so it’s a little out of my price range but there is no harm in dreaming!

Go live your dream!


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3 Responses to Top Nine from 2012 September Issues

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  2. glamourowl says:

    Thanks Joy!!! So glad to be welcomed back lol:)

  3. joy says:

    Yay! You’re back! Thanks for outlining the fall. Happy studying!

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