GO Gives in Colombia


There are no “self-made” people. Everybody comes from a community. Everybody is born into a family, a culture, a tribe, something. Some have silver spoons, some have abject poverty. Some are lucky enough to be nurtured and tended with care from the get-go while others struggle their whole lives. What binds us together is that underneath those formative forces the human experience is for the most part uniform when it comes to what we need to flourish. We need love, freedom and security. When we have a deficit in any of those areas we feel the gap. When we feel that gap and someone unexpectedly reaches into our lives and fills it a little bit it soothes our souls and fosters gratitude.

Gratitude is great unless you don’t do anything with it. The point of gratitude is to change who we are and how we see the world so that we can reach into someone else’s life in such a way that they get to experience gratitude too. Glamour Owl is so grateful for all the love and sales generated in just the first two months of existence! Because of your purchases we are able to pass the gratitude along to a young woman in Colombia, South America who is pursuing a sustainable income for her family by selling clothing to her community.

Her name is Libia Marcela and this is her story. Libia’s a young entrepreneur who took advantage of skills she acquired working in a store seasonally selling clothes to set up her own business selling articles of clothing. She started the business with some savings she had and gradually, thanks to her efforts, it’s been growing and now she has very good customers. She’s able to help her husband economically to cover expenses for her household where they live with their three-year-old daughter. Despite the economic difficulties she’s had, the daily effort she puts into her business has made it possible for her to continue to grow and now through Kiva she has the opportunity of obtaining financing to buy a display case and clothes to offer more variety to her customers.

Her dream is to stay in business so that it will grow and someday be able to open a store to generate employment for the most needy people. Also, she hopes to have a better quality of life at home and better opportunities for economic progress.

We are thrilled to help her finance her display case and look forward to following her journey!

GO with love.


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