The Smell of Well-Being

Fall is here! Today is the first day that I can genuinely say Charlotte feels like fall. There is a chill in the air and leaves on the ground. We moved to Charlotte from northern California in September of 2001. I reveled in scouring all the new southern shopping haunts that were so different than the California vibe. I had never seen anything like a Black Lion before with all the little booths lined up to be perused. Decorating my new traditional home was a delight and I fondly remember this potpourri that had the most scrumptious fall smell. It was like this sensuous maple smell that wasn’t too sweet or too pungent.

That was 11 years ago and needless to say the smell eventually expired, as did my use of potpourri (what a dust collector). Last week I was invited to do a Glamour Owl party, along with my dear friend Jenna who sells Scentsy. If you haven’t heard of Scentsy, it is the ultimate in candle alternatives. They have decorative warmers and plug-ins that hold a bit of waxy goodness. They are the perfect alternative to an open flame, as well as being much more cost efficient than a candle. There are over 100 different scents so you can pick and choose, mix and match, without getting bored or spending a ton of money on a new candle.

I had already bought my cutie patootie owl warmer that was on special in August, but what I came away with from the party was the most luscious, wonderful scent of goodness and well-being! This scent is called Pumpkin Roll and the name doesn’t do it justice. It is the same smell that was so nostalgic to me from the fall of 2001. It is amazing how the nose has a memory all its own!

The inside of your nose is like a chemical laboratory for smelling. It has the power to smell even extremely small amounts of an odor. Odors are actually tiny particles, or molecules, of gas that travel through the air and into your nose. In the highest part of your nose, these molecules touch a group of nerves called the olfactory nerves, which carry the “odor” messages to your brain. That part of the brain is the limbic system which is closely associated with memory, feeling and emotions. If your brain recognizes the odor, it means you have smelled it before. If it is a new odor, your brain makes a record of it so you will remember it the next time you smell it. Our brain can store, recognize, and remember tens of thousands of different smells.

Some people are much for sensitive to smells than others. I’m not especially sensitive but I love a house that smells like a home you want to use as a retreat. Last spring I had a “scent of optimism.” Thanks to my pumpkin roll Scentsy, I have my scent of well-being for the fall.

Click here if you want some Scentsy of your own!

GO with love.

Jenna Morcos, my friend and Scentsy consultant:)



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