Curbing Cravings With Scent

As a follow up to my last post about how happy the delicious smells of fall make me, here is a little note if you are wanting to use the power of scent to squelch the urge to eat. A quick sniff is all it takes.

The most universally craved food is chocolate so researchers in Australia tempted women with photographs of cake, candy, brownies, ice cream, and mousse. Each image appeared for 5 seconds on a computer screen. While they looked at each image, and kept the image in mind for an additional 8 seconds, the women sniffed from a vial of green-apple oil, jasmine oil, or water, then rated their cravings. Cravings were lowest following the smell of jasmine.

Here are a few suggestions…


Jasmine 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Absolute Oil- 5 ml 


Archipelago Jasmine Candle

Dior ‘Miss Dior’ Eau de Parfum Spray

GO with love!




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