How To Be Size Wise

This is what I hate — when women don’t feel great about themselves because of a piece of clothing! As a purveyor of clothing that sometimes runs a half size or a size small, I constantly encourage women to forget about the letter or the number on the tag and try things on. That number or that letter is all about the choices the clothing manufacturer made and not about your identity.

When you feel demoralized by a letter or a number it does something that I believe is actually harmful to the soul. What words might go with this feeling? Disheartened, embarrassed, frustrated, annoyed, disappointed, angry, ashamed might be a few options. These are not words that should accompany the clothing of your body.

These words represent feelings that block the beauty within from shining. The beauty within comes from confidence. Confidence and passion are the secret to style. The beautiful woman is the woman who doesn’t apologize for who she is or how she looks. She allows clothing to touch her body, she doesn’t tent herself to merely cover up. Women use their choice of clothing as an instrument to enhance their mood and self image on a daily basis. And that is great, clothing is a great tool for that! But it should be based on how the clothes highlight your best assets, not because of the size on the tag. In women’s wear, the size number is on the inside of the garment, not visible to others, and/or on a hang tag that is discarded prior to wearing. My suggestion is we all start buying clothes that look and feel beautiful, figure out how to care for them, and then promptly cut out that expendable size tag!

GO with love!

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