Faking It Brings Results

The philosopher William James believed that acting a certain way could make you feel that way.Hundreds of experiments have proved him right.

Studies show that smiling actually makes people feel happier. For best results, smile wide and hold for 20 seconds.

When researchers give subjects an unsolvable problem, those who fold their arms in a stubborn pose persevere nearly twice as long as others.

Clenching your fist powers your willpower.

Acting as though you are madly in love with your partner will make you feel more affectionate.

Dressing in clothes that make you feel confident will communicate ability. In a study at Northwestern University, researchers had subjects wear white coats while performing a test that measured attention. One group was told they had on doctors’ coats; the other, painters’ coats. Subjects in the first group outperformed those in the second by nearly 30 percent, suggesting that the effect our clothes have on us may be even more powerful than we thought.

Fake it till you feel it sounds like a recipe for inauthenticity but it can actually empower us to be more authentic in areas we strive to excel in.

GO with love.

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