Fashionable Philanthropy

“One’s life has value so long as one attributes value to the life of others, by means of love, friendship, indignation and compassion”

-Simone de  Beauvoir

Growing up in Northern California, I experienced a number of small childhood tragedies such as home invasion, fire and small earthquakes. As an adult, I lived in the Bay Area during the 1989 7.1 Loma Prieta Earthquake. During that quake the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants were gearing up for the battle to win the third game of the World Series. The colosseum cracked and bridges collapsed. And in 1994 I lived in Southern California, with an infant son sleeping in a bassinet when the 6.6 Northridge earthquake struck. This one was fast and furious. It felt like being in a blender.

Disasters are marker moments that bring us together. It is an opportunity to see the best of humanity emerge as normal people demonstrate heroic efforts. It is an opportunity to exercise our empathy muscle. Empathy is the capacity to recognize feelings that are being experienced by another. But empathy without action isn’t particularly productive or useful, so I invite you to go one step further and engage in active empathy. What is active empathy? Its showing you have understood the situation, values and needs of another person.

Lives have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy so in an effort to help with the basic needs of those who have lost a lot, Glamour Owl is making a $10 donation to the Red Cross for every online order. Just use the discount code SANDY at checkout. Here is a link to some fashionable philanthropy…

GO with empathetic love.

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