30 Day Smoothie Challenge

Smoothie challenge? Is that like a milkshake challenge? Yes – it is exactly like that and you should do it with me!

Okay, well it is more like a juice cleanse I think but better. I’m not looking to lose any weight but I do want to look great in my Glamour Owl clothes with glowing, healthy skin and shiny hair. I also just want to see if I can find yummy recipes that give me a sense of superiority.

Ha! Okay, not superiority over anyone else, just superiority over the woman I was last May, or the May before that. That’s what makes life beautiful and interesting and fun – becoming more then we thought we could be and trying some new things along the way. Get ready for some colorful smoothie pictures coming your way soon!

If you want to do it too (come on, do it, do it, do it ) read this…




GO with love!

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