Ordinary Photos Trump Perfection


Perfection is a great goal until it actually gets in the way of doing something great.

This week I stepped out of my comfort zone and posted gorgeous new items at my online store using -gulp-, my own very amateur photography. I would never have done this because we all want to see what we are buying in as close proximity to what it will be like in real life after purchase… and these new items are fabulous, I’m really proud of them and excited to put them into the world. They are better than the photography. But I had a compelling reason…

I have a great friend (Jenna) who has a great friend (Amy) who has a great friend (Pattie). Too many degrees of separation? Not at all in this online connected world. A month ago, Amy and Pattie were going to breakfast, but Pattie had a pain and they rerouted to the ER. Fast forward to the next morning and a surgeon was removing a malignant tumor the size of a baby’s head from her appendix and ovaries. Pattie is my age, with a doctor husband, and three little kids. Her first round of chemo was a week ago. She is fighting fiercely with realness and grace.

When I read her blog on CaringBridge I feel like I’m fighting with her, and like she is fighting for women everywhere too. I feel connected to her story, brought into intimacy through facebook, and her blog, and my friend of a friend (who is incidentally my friend too now).

When you feel connected to someone who is fighting for goodness, for health and wellness, and happiness,  it makes you want to fight too, it makes you want to participate. So Amy and I are doing a trunk show benefit tomorrow with 25% of all purchases going to the cancer fight. Many of her friends will be shopping online, hence the need to post amateur photos of exceptional clothes.

If you would like to join this shopping benefit, use discount code “PSTRONG” (it stands for Pattie STRONG) in the discount code box. 25% of your purchase price will go pick up a sword and fight cancer.

Thanks for being here,

GO with love

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity”



This is the back view of the shirt shown above. You can order here.

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