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Mad Owl Disease

The fashion world is simply mad for owls this season. I had no idea that I was jumping on a collective bandwagon. I certainly wasn’t trying to. My company, Glamour Owl, stands for the marriage of style and wisdom – … Continue reading

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New ~The Goddess Tank

  The Goddess of Wisdom tank is my favorite new creation! Inspiration for the Goddess Tank comes from my obsession with Athena. In Greek religion and mythology, Athena is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just … Continue reading

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The Quest for Practical Wisdom

Phronesis Apparel, LLC. That was the original name for Glamour Owl Apparel. I loved this name because it represented everything I wanted Glamour Owl to be. Well, everything except accessible that is. Sometimes a name just isn’t quite right even … Continue reading

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