It’s Our Birthday!

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Today is Glamour Owl’s birthday! We launched exactly one year ago today with a party, a cocktail, and a an inventory of 168 shirts. I am so grateful for the awesome reception by friends, friends of friends, and total strangers who have fallen in love with the brand. Since inception we’ve sold several hundred garments and donated a little over $1000 to Kiva, the Ronald McDonald House, and a Cancer Research fund. I asked a couple of people to share why they love Glamour Owl and here is what they said…

From Jenna, a Glamour Owl superfan:

So, what would I say about GO?!? It kicks ass. Can you write that?

Seriously, Some of my actual quotes when I tell people;
“you’ll love it. It is sooo comfy that you’ll want to wear it everyday.”
“My friend uses these great fabrics and all the designs are original and so cute”
“I wear them everyday…it’s all I wear!”
“It’s my favorite workout gear because it’s comfy and it’s adorable”

I think the most lovable factor of your stuff is 2 things: uber comfy and super cute. But, I also love it because it takes the guesswork out of “Am I looking cute?” ‘cuz I know when I throw it on, I look fashionable. I pretty much let you do all the deciding of what is cool and then I wear it with faith easily because it’s comfy and cute and I feel super confident in your things cuz I know if you designed it, then I’m “in” with looking trendy.


From Jill, owner of Core Studio Pilates & Yoga (where they also carry Glamour Owl):

This is what I love about your brand:
1. You represent the Pilates and yoga lifestyle with the designs on every shirt.
2. Unique from anything you purchase from a bigger fitness clothing company.
3. Excellent Service
4. You give back.
5. Much thought is contributed to each and every design.
6. Everyone stops me and loves the “Glamour Owl!”

Thanks for allowing me to be a part!

You will see Jill very soon modeling on the about-to-be-launched, newly designed Glamour Owl website!

Cheers to a year and if you’d like to celebrate with us with the Glamour Owl Cocktail, here is the recipe:

5 muddled blackberries

2 oz. Bacardi Dragonberry rum




Thanks for being here, GO with love!

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