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Olympic Obsessions

My nine year-old, Emma is obbbbsessed with the Olympic games. I thought we would watch gymnastics, diving and equestrian and call it a day. Much to my surprise she watched the opening ceremonies with the babysitter and when I got … Continue reading

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Cocktail on Ice

This recipe for Watermelon and Wine Granita is brought to you courtesy of Oprah Magazine. Yum-didilly-ump-tious! Ingredients 3 cups seedless watermelon chunks 2 cups red Zinfandel 1 cup raspberries 1½ tsp. vanilla extract 2 Tbsp. lime juice 2 Tbsp. dark … Continue reading

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Easy Mod Hair for $4

The easiest, chicest hair look for a mod fall is a stack of slim colorful bobby pins. This look was seen on the Cacharel runways. It’s elegant, cool, inexpensive and incredibly simple to do. Karina bobby Pins are available at … Continue reading

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The Quest for Practical Wisdom

Phronesis Apparel, LLC. That was the original name for Glamour Owl Apparel. I loved this name because it represented everything I wanted Glamour Owl to be. Well, everything except accessible that is. Sometimes a name just isn’t quite right even … Continue reading

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What Body Part Is In for Fall 2012?

Guess what body part is in for fall? The ankle! That’s right. Not the boobs, not the butt, not the waist but the elegant, slender, darling, daring ankle. Certainly this is a trend we can all embrace. The ankle is … Continue reading

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The Energy of Our Clothes

We are far more affected by the energy of other people than most of us realize. Every interaction with another person results in us being energized or being drained.   Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard-trained and published neuroanatomist … Continue reading

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Do You Make This Mistake Too?

My good friend Kelly (Dr. Breen Boyce, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist) gave a talk last night to a group of women about the importance of self-awareness, and the contribution it makes to a healthy and happy outlook on life. She gave … Continue reading

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Can you guess?  Tango tangerine and neon hot pink are both having a moment, but no color is hotter right now than neon citron!  It isn’t exactly green and it isn’t exactly yellow.  It is just the right melodic blend to pack a punch!

To keep it fun but polished wear this color in moderate doses.  It looks great in particular paired with neutrals such as gray, tan or nude.

Check out the Glamour Owl Pinterest board “Trends” for product suggestions.

If you’re thirsty while you’re pinning, sip on citron green tea from China.  It’s sweet lemon-lime flavors aren’t too dry or too citrusy.  Just like you’re outfit!

GO with love

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Quick Tip for Vintage Lovers

I love vintage finds but I admit that I find the particular “aged” scent that tends to permeate vintage clothing hard to take. But now I have a new secret weapon! Thanks to this months InStyle mag, I now know … Continue reading

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Glamour Owl Launch Party

Glamour Owl is my way of bringing together my passion for, as Socrates coined it, ‘the examined life’ and a hard-wired pleasure in seeing women dressed beautifully and comfortably so that they shine. It doesn’t take too much examination to … Continue reading

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